Sunday, October 23, 2005

Alumni HomeComing 2005: Registration Form

Homecoming 2005
November 19-20 (Sat-Sun) @ XLRI

...plan to return to/revisit the roots: have a trip down the memory lane, network with those who passed through the same portals across batches, interact with the current batch and faculty (and the old stalwarts in the mess, hostel and staff;0), discuss and participate in what XL and alumni need from - and can do for - each other, etc.... and of course, touch base with the alma mater (remember Bodhi Tree? Dadu's? Evening Dosawala? Enright Hall?;0)

Download the Registration Form
(or mail me for the form - your early registration will help us plan better)

Sneak Preview:
19th Nov:
We plan to start by 9:30 after registration (so do plan, to reach here by 18th evening). There are number of things we have planned, e.g.:

- take you down the memory lane, re-introduce you to XL now (and that more it changes, the more it remains the same;),

- discuss what XL and its alumni can do for each other, and can work together on. Also share the vision of XLRI (we started this exercise last year, and are in the process of implementing it)

- a huge lunch, hosted by Director, XLRI, with the whole community (students, faculty, staff, XL board of governers) in the hostel lawns

- an interaction with the current batches on "What it Means to be an XLer"

- Like last year, in the evening, we have a Big Event planned - a panel/debate - in Tata Audi. This year's theme:

"India Inc. has failed Mera Bharat"

- and this, naturally, followed by Cocktails and Dinner

20th Nov:
Well, you have a choice. You can decided to:
- join the Golf
- play cricket with the students, staff, faculty
- go on a trip to Dimna
- or visit old haunts like Frank's
... plan your own agenda with friends and batchmates. Basically, the idea is to have fun.... and all arrangements will be made.

"Officially" we will close with lunch at Beldih Club, hosted by Mr Bushen Raina, President, Alumni Association (BME 73, and MD Tata Tinplate)
[... this is because, some may like to catch the evening train back to Kolkata to take morning flights.]

But "Unofficially", we don't close :0)... hope that many of you will stay back and overnight (I mean so much to catch up - batchmates, Frank's, evening Dosawala, Basanto...

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