Saturday, December 24, 2005

GG Gets Special Best Blog Award

Here is a news about Gautam Ghosh (99PMIR) - or rather, about GG's Blog - from the site:

Everyone knows by now that two weeks ago, Jay-Dee made a tragic mistake and accidentally left Gautam Ghosh, the Indian HR Thought Leader, off of the voting list for the Best HR Blog of 2005.

I didn't say anything at the time. Jason apologized and Gautam graciously accepted. And I thought that was that.

But then I started thinking. (It happens once in a while). I thought that the optics on this thing weren't very good. Someone might think that we'd cut Gauty deliberately because he lives in India and it would cost us lots of money to fly him to Las Vegas if he won. I went to Jay-Dee.

"Jay-Dee, we've got to do something. Everyone is going to think we cut Gautum because he lives in India."

"Gautum lives in India? I thought he worked in a casino."

"No. He lives in Bangalore. Listen, we've got to do something. Give him a special prize."

"Okay, give him a hundred Starbucks."

"There's no Starbucks in India!"

"Really!!! Okay, listen, Ileane Frank just donated an iPod Shuffle to the prizes. There's only one. Let's give it to him."

"Yeah! Great! What's an iPod Shuffle?"

"I don't know."

"And, what should we give it to him for? What award?"

"Just make one up."

The problem was solved. Then I realized something. The Las Vegas prize is awarded by a jury. Not popular vote. So, no one would have thought that we screwed Gautam anyway.

But we're all happy he's getting a special prize all the same. And not a consolation prize. Because he's a winner even without an award and doesn't need to be consoled.

Mind you, now I've got other worries. Will an iPod work in India? And does he have the bandwidth to download songs? Ugh! That's enough thinking already. Please, brain, leave me alone!

But, friends, before I go, I'm proud to announce that the Recruitosphere's award for HR Thought Leader of the Eastern Hemisphere for 2005 goes to .......drums...... The Indian HR thought leader himself, Gautam by Ghosh.

Gautam, Gautam, he's our man.
So say the boys from Canuckistan.