Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Annual XL Alumni Homecoming '06


In case the mail has not reached you
Block your date!.. and plan your travel!

The 3rd Annual XL Alumni Homecoming
is scheduled on
November 18-19, 2006
@ XLRI Jamshedpur

To know what to expect, please visit the photoblog of Homecoming '05 at:

....and watch this space for updates

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Piyush Mehta (90PMIR) on MBAs

Business Standard (July 11, 2006) carries an article on MBAs & the Art of Job-Hopping by Piyush Mehta (90PMIR), Sr Vice President, Genpact.

"A B-school label certainly increases your marketability, so the temptation to switch jobs frequently for a better designation, a more prominent brand-name or a larger pay-cheque is high.... But it's not a good idea from the point of view of professional growth... to develop as a well-rounded professional, it is important to prove yourself over a period of time within a company.

...Another aspect that you can't really learn at B-school is the need to develop a positive disposition. This may sound simplistic and idealistic, but the importance of a constructive outlook cannot be over-emphasised. It is easy these days to find people with drive, passion and ambition... But the tendency to be easily dissatisfied and cynical is also high."

Read the full article at:
MBAs and the Urge to Job Hop

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Intel's India chief moves to US...

Amar Babu (89BMD) is moving to Santa Clara...

Business Today (July 16, 2006) reports:

"Amar Babu, Intel India's managing director for sales and marketing, must have mixed feelings about his relocation to the US. He must surely be happy that he is exchanging country-specific responsibilities for a larger corporate role at Santa Clara, but at the same time sad that he will miss all the action back home. In the seven years that Babu, 40, has been with Intel India, the local marketing business has grown from a four-city set up to an estimated Rs 2,733 crore in annual revenues for 2004-05 (Intel doesn't disclose figures)... His India lessons may just come handy in the US.